How to choose a Binary Options Robot?

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Binary option robot is a trading software which has been specifically designed for the traders and it automatically places various trades in the trading account of the traders. This is done on the basis of combining the signal and the trading techniques. These robots can be downloaded for free of cost and the best thing about this software is that it is entirely backed by a win percentage of about 83%. A prior knowledge of trading is not required to access this trading software.

A beginner can entirely rely on the binary options robot for trading purposes. An idea about choosing the binary options robot makes the use of the automated software effective. The user needs to sign into the binary trading account and place it in an auto trade mode. This software greatly helps in analyzing the trade market.


It also helps in the calculation of the actual values of the set of indicators. Also, it places automatic trades in the trading account of the trader. Excellent benefits of binary options robot can be reaped by knowing how a trader can choose the binary option robot. Once a user knows how to choose a binary option robot, then it becomes easy for the user to derive the best use of it.

There are two basic versions of the Binary options robot available. A free version and a pro version are the two kinds of the versions available. There isn’t much difference between the free and the pro version of the binary options robot. However, getting a pro version has added advantages to the user.

The pro version which is also a paid version is compatible with various kinds of brokers. As these brokers are different, it becomes easy to work with various brokers through a single platform and this is very advantageous. The paid version comes with 7 trading pairs. However, only 2 pairs are offered with the free version. It is vital to remember and consider these things which planning to opt for binary options robot for the sake of trading purposes.

It is also vital to know that support is offered to three kinds of trading styles by the binary options robot. The classic style covers simple trading. The second style is referred to as the Martingale that increases the size of the trader with a single loss registered.  This is because the trader can make some profit back and break an even amount to win a trade.

The third style is referred to as the Fibonacci style which combines the features of both the trading styles: Classic and Martingale. This trading style enhances the trade amount with fewer losses and also decreases along the wins registered. This concept is based on the Fibonacci ratios.

While learning how to choose a binary option robot is vital to assume that the trader has chosen an accurate expiry for the signals one is trying to obtain. Further, there is a need to assume that a combination of winning and losing trades is being derived from the use of the software. With the software, the targeted success rate of 83% can be accomplished.


It is vital to assume that the user is making use of the right mix of the indicators in order to accomplish success in the trading venture. It is crucial to know all the things mentioned in order to undertake successful trading decisions when it comes to the stock market. These points will certainly assist and help in making the correct trading choices.

All traders at one point seek an answer to the question regarding choosing the best binary options robot. There are countless options available when it comes to Binary Options Trading Software. However, it isn’t easy when it comes to choosing just the right one. Many of them available on the internet are nothing but scam.

It is vital to carry out a thorough investigation when one is planning to invest real money. Opting just the reliable trading software save a lot of time and as well as money. In this manner, the trader can completely focus on improvising the trading knowledge to develop a wonderful trading career.


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Everything You Must Know About Binary Options Signals!

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What Binary Options Signals Are

Binary options signals are trade notifications which are made available by companies, their intermediaries or expert traders. They offer these notifications to less skillful traders or those that lack the time for personally analyzing the market. In contrast to managed account services, where every account detail is the sole responsibility of the provider, the recipient of binary options signals is completely responsible for translating and trading them for himself.

Binary Signals Features

Anybody who has closely researched and transacted in the financial markets will quickly agree that it is one endeavor that uses a lot of your efforts, time and your complete self. You cannot work at a normal job if at all you intend to give your attention to trading as much as it might require. Learning profitable trading is also not easy at all. This is because it requires that you completely understand news events interpretation, the acceptance of a trading psychology that is positive in nature, analyzing charts and many other elements.

bs1The above mentioned features cause some people to prefer that others do the hard work and just give them the trading tips. This is as they cannot see themselves passing through the tough demands of trading. They therefore prefer being told where to get into market trades or where to exit that will give them profitable results. The demand for a product always causes its price to rise. Many entities are springing up in trying to satisfy the desire of millions of traders. This is as the demand for rendering binary options signals services is growing larger and larger.

Never choose a binary signals provider or binary options broker without doing a research first. You can read Porter Finance review so you know what to look for in a legitimate broker.

Signals Delivery Methods

If the signals are to reach the recipient and be valuable to him, then the provider has to send them very fast. He has to employ means of delivery that eliminate all forms of delay. The difference between making a profit and suffering a loss could solely depend on just one pip. It could rest on whether the pip was timely sent or was delay-induced and subsequently wrongly timed.

Consequently, over the years, the under-listed delivery methods for distributing trade notifications to subscribers by providers have slowly developed;

  • Websites: Several providers now have a members-only area which they have created on their sites. They then paste signals in such areas where only members who are actively signed in can access them. This method is not preferred. This is as most signals do not have a large useable opportunity window.
  • SMS Alerts: In this method, providers use SMS alerts to send trade notifications to their various subscribers. SMS method offers lightning speed and instant delivery. The use of smartphones’ push notifications is another modified version of this method. These two only need that the subscriber link to a trade notification app (for smartphone) or present a telephone number (for SMS). The fact that network service providers may cause delay due to certain issues that can arise is the only disadvantage of this method. Else, this happens to be foremost of all methods. Studies have verified that a majority of people choose their phones being by their sides above using desktops or laptop computers.
  • Email: This method was among the initial ones used in distributing signals. Nevertheless, it happens to be one method that requires that you have access to a computer and the internet. Issues of the timely use of signals sent to a subscriber always arose back then. It was always because the subscriber might happen to be a bit far away from a computer or the internet at the time the signal is distributed. This method can also make a trader lose the trades completely. This happens in instances where mail service providers send emails containing trade signals straight into the recipient’s spam folder. This shows that emails are far from being the best when it comes to the distribution and delivery of binary options trade notifications.

bs2Never sign up with any provider who does not give you the privilege of a trial period. The period is supposed to enable you assess the provider in relation to durability and the claims he made. You should also search for providers that will give you a satisfaction or money refund guarantee. This enables you to always ask for a refund of your money if, you discover that the binary options signals are not worth your investment and efforts.

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Trading Digital Options Safely

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In the field of finance, a binary option is a kind of option in which the payment can take only 2 probable consequences, either some permanent and steady budgetary amount (or an actual quantity which is predefined or units of some advantage) or nothing at all (as compared to the common/regular options of finance which generally have a continuous payoff spectrum). The 2 main kinds of binary options are:do3

  1. Asset-or nothing binary option- It pays the value of the basic and fundamental security.
  2. Cash-or-nothing binary option- It pays some permanent/steady cash amount in case the option gets expired in-the-money.

These are also called “Fixed Return Options” aka FROs (Common in American stock exchange) and “All-or-nothing options”- which is more common in the interest/forex rate markets)

For example, an investment is done of a binary case-or-nothing option for the call on some Corp’s stock struck at the price of 100 dollars with a binary payoff on a thousand dollar. So, in case at the maturity date of future, also called as the ‘expiry date’, the stock is dealing at more than 100 dollars, 1 thousand dollar is received. In case the stock is dealing less than a hundred dollar, the amount is paid back to the buyer.

The amount of a Digital option can be articulated in the terms of likelihood of surpassing a particular value, meaning, the accruing  allocation performance, which as per the equation of Black-Scholes is Gaussian. Because of the predicament and problems for the market-makers in hedging binary options which are closer to the strike price at the time of expiry, these are a lot lesser liquid than the vanilla options. Business owners generally copy them with the use of vertical spreads that gives an inexact and rough hedge.

do1However binary options consistently trade on controlled and coordinated exchanges, they’re usually not regulated, are prone to fraud and trading on the net. The CFTC, aka Commodity Futures Trading Commission and SEC, aka U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have delivered a joint cautionary to the American investors concerning binary options which are unregulated.

Compliance and Regulation

On the platforms which are not regulated, the money of the client is not compulsorily preserved in a trust account, as needed by the govt. financial regulation. Also, business dealings and undertakings are not audited by 3rd parties for the purpose of ensuring fair play. If you are not sure that your broker is regulated check here.

On 12th May in the year 2012, the CySEC aka Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission declared a change in the policy in regards to the categorization of binary options as instruments of finance. The impact is that binary options podium functioning in Cyprus, where most of the platforms belong, will have to be regulated by CySEC within 6 months of the announcement date. CySEC was the 1st member regulated by MiFID to treat the binary options as instruments of finance.

do2In the month of May of the year 2013, the Financial Services authority of Matta declared that binary options managing would be moved or conveyed away from the gaming and lottery authority of Malta. On 18th of July in 2013, the financial services authority of Malta accepted that in their consideration and believes, binary options came under the extent or range of MiFID i.e. Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39/EC. Having announced this, Malta became the 2nd EU Jurisdiction to manage and organize binary options like an instrument of finance, jobholders will now have to win and acquire a third class Investment service license and give the conformation to the min. capital requirements of MiFID. Preceding this proclamation and declaration, it had been attainable for the companies to manage from the area of authority given that the company had a Gaming authority license and a valid lottery.

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Binary Options Auto Trading Systems

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A certain market place shows the signals whose performance is best out of all. Binary option signals work directly by connecting your trading account exclusively with the broker. Financially a binary option can be defined as that type of option in which only two possible outcomes can be taken by the payoff it can either be a particular predefined fixed monetary amount or nothing at all.

The responsibility of conceptualizing and trading the binary option signals lies directly over to the recipient of these variant signals. There are two main types of binary options; First, the Cash-or-Nothing Binary Option and second, the Asset-or-Nothing Binary Option.

binary trading 20



The opening prices of signals matters a lot because what all that’s required by you is to place the trade on the right time before the price that’s favorable for you moves out of your favor. Most of the signal providers give people an opening price for availing the signals. It is very important to check the broker’s platform to assure that their rates are much closer to those of the signal providers. Else, you can accidentally take up that trade which runs out of money when the signal provider finishes the money.

There are several reasons behind the fact that why there are so many scams in these binary options signals organization. It is so because the brokers create different sort of white label goods that are on the loose on vast networks.

The best way to avoid being involved in any kind of scams is by keeping in mind the below mentioned few things;

  • Always remember to ask for the proof required of the outcomes.
  • Search on the web about the signal providers, it always serve as a very good option. Look for the reviews on the other forums that help in acknowledging the real criteria of the firm.
  • Always use the demo account first and fore mostly.



The binary robot review can be defined as a free auto trading component used for various binary options that helps to connect with the broker and places the person into trade by itself. One has the option of using the auto trade feature, that places trade by itself when the signals are provided or else can enter the trade manually, depending upon the choice of a person.

This binary option robot system works while choosing 6 different indicators existing in the technical criteria which are as follows: MACD, the CCI, Trend, Stochastic and Williams. Once you get logged in, secondly it’s your preference what type of indicator you want to use in consequence of receiving the signals. Rest all the other stuffs are chosen afterwards.



The most inspiring thing about this software is that it allows a person to trade three various systems for the auto-trader options, these systems are defined as below;

  • Classic system; this system helps you to transfer the as it is same amount despite of the fact that you win or you lose. Therefore, as the name suggests its classic in work also.
  • Martingale system; this system assures that your trade amount increases after you incur a loss and them it resets to the original amount afterwards when you wins. This is very much preferable by the users likewise.
  • Fibonacci system; this system avails the simple fundi of increasing with your win and decreasing when you lose.


This binary option robot is preferred by a lot of people as it comprises of several advantages. It’s very easy and fast to get installed on your device. Moreover, one can configure the trades and the available systems as per their choices.

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Trading Digital Options, How to do it

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Brokers – Digital Option

Used by traders to guess if the price of an asset will go down or up is a digital option. The profit potential is known and the risk is predetermined.

There are a lot of different types of digital options that go by different names. For instance; sixty Second Options, Ladder Options, High Low Options, Boundary Options, Range Options and One Touch Options.

The Largest Digital Option Brokers

To go with the largest broker is frequently a safe bet for traders. The issue always stays how does a trader identify which broker is the biggest.

So, based on onsite visits to many brokers and industry research, presently the 2 largest brokers are 24Option and TopOption. Both of these brokers are very large, and licensed by CySEC.

However, they don’t allow traders from the U.S. Additionally to receiving a license from the Exchange Commission and Cyprus Securities, these 2 brokers are registered in Germany and the UK, Italy and France.

Digital Option Brokers in America

arton23223The biggest digital option brokers allowing traders from the U.S. differs from month to month.

A lot of the well-liked digital option brokers believing that traders from the U.S. will sooner or later get a European broker’s license, and stop tolerating American traders. So, this causes the title of biggest American broker to change regularly.

At present, the most popular digital option brokers, for traders in the U.S. are GOptions and CherryTrade.

What is the Difference Between Brokers?

You certainly noticed that a lot of binary option brokers look the same.

But the truth is that many of them are using almost the same trading platform and the only difference a trader can see is their logo.

However, there are many differences between brokers, such as added services they offer, licensing and regulatory oversight, and security of funds. A lot of brokers use the SpotOption trading platform, as others use the TechFinancials platform.

Traders should look at minimum deposit requirements when comparing brokers.

Sixty Second Options

Later than the trader places their bet they are options that run out in 1 minute. The sixty second option, together with thirty second, ninety second, two minute and five minute options are binary options that the traders at any time can open a position on. They can buy a put option or buy a call option.

A trader will see that the option has an ending time of 10:00, 10:15 and 10:30. So, these fixed time failing binary options offer different goes back than the sixty second binary option.

When are sixty Second Options Used?

When they are interested in profiting from an instant movement in the currency, traders will use a sixty Second Option. Also, when the markets are moving fast and a trader see that the underlying asset is moving higher. And the binary option trader is going to release a thirty, sixty, ninety, hundred and twenty or three hundred second call option to profit from the immediate move up.

When the expiration time is farther away the highest profits are usually paid.

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Trading Digital Options

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Digital Options with TraderXP!

On the website of TraderXP you will find an invitation for you to experience Digital Options trading: that is a low-risk, high-return system of online investing. In digital options trading you are allowed to trade stock, currency and commodity options from a simple, easy to use platform with the click of a button. Digital Options allow you to trade with a pre-determined ROI – unlike traditional investing, so you can decide for yourself precisely how much you want to risk.

Online digital options allow traders to make profit at any time, from anyplace with internet access. Simply choose between indices, stocks, forex and commodities with TraderXP, and forecast the direction of the asset price will go. Digital options trading gives way to returns with no matter where the prices close and depending only on the correctness of the trader’s judgment. Just click – call – and you will see a return on your investment once the option expires, if you think that the asset price will go up.


In order to help you make the most of trading digital options, TraderXP provides market reviews and expert break-down of the financial news.  With detailed and clear tutorials and explanations and live chat (which is available all the time), you can make the most educated investments to earn you greatest profits from trading digital options. Their analysts will keep you posted on how economic difficulties could control currency pairs or how environmental policy decisions could affect your favorite stocks.

Control your own investment with digital options trading

Without any risk usually inbuilt in the unpredictable markets, TraderXP provides global access to online trading. You have to decide on the risk, and allow yourself all the excitement and profit playing the market from a discreet and self-controlled platform, when you are trading digital options. Different from classic trading, with digital options trading you yield profits even if the asset price moved only 1 pip in the direction you forecasted.

A binary option is a type of option where the trader takes a no or yes position on the price of a financial asset and the resulting payoff is nothing or all. Binary options can be easier to understand and trade than traditional options because of this characteristic.

Binary options are more as European-style options, because they can be exercised only on the expiration date. The seller or buyer of the option receives a pre-specified amount of money if at expiration the option settles – in the money. Also, the seller or buyer receives nothing if the option settles – out of the money. This allows for a known downside (loss) or upside (gain) risk assessment. A binary option offers full payout no matter how far the asset price settles below or above the target price, unlike traditional options. If you want to try out a broker you can do so here, here’s a site where you can get 24option demo account.

Very frequently you can encounter binary options under another name. For example, in the foreign exchange market binary options are known as digital options.

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How to open a digital Options Account in 6 steps

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People hear about trading with binary options and ask one question: ’should I try it?’’. Well, this kind of trading is in a way a future of online investing. This way of making money is the way the richest people all over this planet use to invest their precious money. When the news about JP Morgan, who was making 100 billion dollars, hit our TV’s, they told us that he made it only in the period of the quarter of the fiscal year where he started trading with binary options. How to open a digital account and started trading like this man? Well, do it in these six steps:

1- Go to the site: Many of the world’s top binary option brokers are already known so you won’t have to go through all the websites to find the best one. The best, or at least mostly recommended one is ‘’Bee Options’’ and you should visit this one. They are recommended from a lot of brokers since they proved to be one of the most reliable and honest platforms for trading with binary options. They are good since they always pay the transfer of the earnings of their customers on time and very quickly, had on this site you will never find any fees or costs which are hidden somewhere under. Also for all the starts they provide 500 dollars of additional funds for trading, with no connection to your deposit (which can be very small).

2- Second step is opening your account. To open your account is indeed very simple. You click on the link which is supplied above or go to sign up here and fill up all the information they ask for, when you click on the sign up button the fill up forms will show up at your screen. When you finish this, click to the ‘’open account’ ’button.


3- Third step are Account details: When you finished with filling up and clicked on the ‘’open account’’ you will see the page on which you will have to fill up many details and just click the submit button, it is the same as filling up details for opening of Facebook of Skype account so nothing complicated. But, there is the minimum that you can out as your deposit and it is 250 dollars, but is you sign up to this site from some of the sites promoting them you’ll get additional 500 dollars.

4- Choose the type of the account: Recommended for starters is start with first deposit comfortable for them. Never give more than you can bear loosing.

5- This step is deposit. After choosing account tie, enter the amount of your deposit and remember the lowest one is 250 dollars.

6- In this last step, you shall receive your bonus if you have chosen to apply for this site from one of the sites promoting them. If you have done this, you will get 500 dollars in addition to the money you putted on your deposit, they will give you more power for earning.

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